Corticeira Jelinek Portugal, SA (CJP) is a privately held corporation located in the heart of the world cork producing region, in the town of Rio Meão, a short 30 minute drive south from the northern city of Porto in Portugal.  CJP is a member of the Jelinek Cork Group, supplying cork products throughout the world.  Its business structure is unique among cork companies and stands as one-of-a-kind within the cork industry.

CJP controls the quality and availability of raw materials from the forests through to the production floors, to quality control of finished goods, and finally logistical organization and follow through to customer destination. CJP partners with selected and approved manufacturers, strictly adhering to quality control standards that meet or surpass required specifications.

This combination of services and choice of manufacturing flexibility allows CJP to maintain stringent quality control and ethical production practices with the consequence of being among the most price competitive and quality oriented companies within the cork industry.

Logistically CJP maintains its own warehouse and offices, strategically located in the cork manufacturing epicenter, staffed by knowledgeable personnel with years of industry experience.  CJP has the capability of shipping products directly to clients anywhere in the world.  Furthermore if clients require reserve inventories held by CJP for future release, those inventories can be stocked either at CJP warehouse in Portugal or at any one of CJP sister companies in Europe or North America.

CJP has met twenty-first century business demands by merging effective communication and practices, quality products and services, competitive prices, and logistical support.