Warehouse and Supply

CJP has its own warehouses in Portugal where we stock raw materials for our productions and finished goods for our clients. This allows for timely and convenient supply to our various customers around the world. In addition, the Jelinek Cork Group has a number of warehouses in several countries of Europe as well as a number of locations in the USA and Canada. This worldwide chain of warehouses allow us to offer customers the much needed capability to store their product requirements closer to their businesses and permits for “back-up” stocks, urgent supply, and “just in time” deliveries.


Our customers are spread throughout the world. Regardless of where they are located, the team of logistic experts at CJP assist each client with planning, implementation, and coordination of their specific business and operational requirements. Whether shipments are made by road, rail, air or sea CJP will find the most appropriate transport method for the best benefit of our clients. We at CJP understand the importance of supply chain management, including procurement, quality controls, shipping, storage, and good communications. Working together with our customers provides full satisfaction.