Specialty Shapes & Sizes

Our boutique manufacturing facility has the capability in producing unique cork shapes in any size and quantity, as required by our customers. Our design team will work closely with our clients to customize their particular needs and insure that specialty shapes are accurately designed to not only be functional but to meet production requirements as well. Round or oval, square, triangular, diamond shaped or rectangular … we have done it all. Slots, holes or grooves as needed. A wide variety of industries come to us for their specialty cork shapes … bottle and jar stoppers, floats, distillery tops, grips and handles, musical cork shapes, whistles, bottle coverings, sports balls, gifts, and more.


Key Points

  • Any shape, any size
  • Designed to meet customer needs
  • Tolerances within specifications
  • Produced from natural, agglomerate or technical corks
  • Treated and sterilized as required
  • Printed as desired