Decorative, Design and Insulating Coverings

CJP supplies cork coverings in a large variety of designer patterns, colours, shapes and thicknesses. Available in roll form, sheets or tiles natural cork is used on walls, floors and ceilings in both residential and commercial settings. Besides being fashionable and decorative, cork coverings are also functional, insulating against hot and cold temperatures, and help smother pounding or other loud noises. Whether it is our trade mark QuietCorkTM materials or our quality line of cork flooring, wall and ceiling products, our designer and technical teams will work with you to determine the best solutions for your decorative and specification requirements.

Key Points

  • Cork floors, walls, and ceilings
  • Cork rolls, sheets, and tiles
  • Floor underlayment, QuietCork ™
  • Floating floor click system installations or glue down
  • Partition walls and bulletin board centers
  • Insulating and decorating
  • Acoustical properties

Cork is also an excellent insultor. Learn more about cork - the perfect, natural insulation.