Welcome to Ovar, Portugal …. the center of world cork production and supply!


We are Corticeira Jelinek Portugal S.A. (in short, CJP), a member of the Jelinek Cork Group, the oldest continually active cork company in the world. CJP is vertically active beginning at the cork forest level to final consumer supply.

CJP works closely with clients and customizes the best and most economical products and services to satisfy customer requirements.  In addition, CJP can arrange for backup inventory not only at our facilities in Portugal but at any of our Group warehouses in Europe and North America.

CJP specializes in the manufacture of a number of product scopes.

Distillery, Spirit & Specialty Stoppers

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Musical Cork


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Yoga Cork Supplies


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Specialty Shapes (cork balls, spheres)


Gift, Bar, Kitchen & Home Items


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